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Jones Popcorn is a family farm operation. It was started by Russell Jones and his wife Margaret in 1969, and continues to be run by them on a year round basis.

It began as a hobby where they grew less than an acre in the first year and harvested it all by hand. As years passed, it became a sole focus of the farming operation, and that operation continues in the same location today.

Jones Popcorn is located outside of the town of Leamington, Ontario, near a small community called Blytheswood. The popcorn is grown, harvested, stored, processed and packaged all at this location.

(Farm 1972)

(Farm 2001)

Bus Tours
Bus tours are available of our facilities but advance notice must be given. They can be tailored to any age group from age 6 to 96. Tours are offered year-round, please contact us for more information.

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